Today’s Talent Acquisition Strategies

Talent acquisition process is the methodology which finds and acquires skilled human labor for organizational needs and meets any labor requirement. As the time changes your talent acquisition strategy needs to change. Today’s employees are working remotely or choosing a flexible schedule to work. Some are choosing freelance and contract work for full time. In this situation, recruiter needs to reexamine their traditional recruiting methods to keep this people fresh.

Today’s talent is more demanding than ever, they need shorter and less predictable business cycle. Social media and web is giving more and brief information about your company and culture. Organizations are now an open book, and candidates can easily get a clear picture of your culture – for better or for worse. So as talent acquisition manager you need to be transparent about your company culture, ethics and management.

Candidates are searching for jobs like their consumer experience. Candidates want the job search experience to be as easy and immediate as their online buying experience. So your strategy should be better than the candidate should feel more users friendly.

The success of every organization development is depends on talent acquisition. So every manager needs to focus on what your organization needs and wants? What they are looking for? Make sure that your recruitment budget allows for investing in the right resources so you have the tools you need for success. Gather early performance data on new employees. You’ll quickly be able to identify problems before they get too big and work towards a solution. It’s important to see how you compare to the competition. Are you on track to boom or bust?

Things that should be kept in mind for a recruiter:

    Asking the candidate for information in bits and pieces. Every company has necessary information to make a formal offer for candidate. They don’t have time to be going back and talk with you about what company need. Create a checklist or some sort of system for the jobs you hire for to ensure you account for all of the items you need to collect from a prospective hire.

    Not allowing your new hires to give adequate notice.If the candidate has to wait several weeks to get through your pre-hire process, you can wait the two to three weeks they need to give their current employer adequate notice of their departure. If you expect it from your people, you should expect others need to do the same for the companies they are employed by as well.

    Telling prospective hires to give notice before you have fully screened them.No one has time to be putting in notice with their current employer prior to you screening them or officially offering them a position. It is never advisable to say anything to a current employer, until a prospective hire is fully screened and given an official offer letter.

    Ridiculously long applications. Long page applications may irritate to candidates because they don’t want to fill unnecessary details about them which is not useful for company. Take a look at your application and gather only the information you absolutely need to make both a legal and practical hire.

    Requiring candidates to incur costs in advance of their employment: Many candidates are in tough financial spots and cannot afford to pay a dollar more than what it may cost them to get to the interview and back. Do your best to eliminate economic and financial hurdles for them to overcome while trying to become employed by your company.

Talent Acquisition is changing concepts of internal and external movement and a quickly evolving technology landscape. Ryggrads talent acquisition consultant helps organizations succeed in this demanding environment by leveraging continuous research and extending it to match the organization's capabilities, producing innovative and practical solutions.

Ryggrad Talent Acquisition Strategies:

Manage the entire recruitment needs of the client by ensuring business alignment, examine workforce plans, and address hiring initiatives.

Consulting closely with the client’s hiring manager, analyzing jobs, understanding the different workforce segments and positions within these segments, as well as the skills, competencies, and experiences necessary for success.

Creating employment branding which will help advance the market position of organizations, attract quality candidates and depict what it is truly like to work for that organization.

Provide tailor-made consultancy to streamline recruitment process, reduce cost per hiring, decrease joining time and enable business focus for the clients as their talent acquisition company.

Developing candidate relationship management by building a positive candidate experience, managing candidate communities, and maintaining relationships.

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