Boost employee satisfaction and improve employee retention

Importance of employee training:

The benefits of employee training and development are widely known. But who said it should be limited to onboarding or compliance training? As the organization grows and the employees grow with it, the training needs change and the skills the employees should be competent with get constantly updated, as well. But what are the actual advantages of continuous training both for the business and the employees? According to a survey conducted by Office Team in 2015, 38% of HR professionals consider training and developing employees their greatest staffing concern. Of course, companies that manage to train and develop their employees win the jackpot.

Boost employee satisfaction and improve employee retention:

Employees appreciate being able to build new skills, improve their job performance and potentially evolve towards more challenging roles. It is interesting to note that ongoing education is valued by employees from all age groups as key to staying relevant in the job market. A continuous training regime can help increase job satisfaction levels, by minimizing rot, giving your staff new skills and career advancements opportunities, and enabling them to be better at what they do.

The Market scenario:

Everyone can see the changes of market in past year, each year is different and you need to adopt those changes, With most industries (manufacturing, transportation, services, software, etc.) constantly changing, businesses should be prepared to adapt to these ever changing conditions or perish. You can’t serve a 2016 clientele with 2006 approach. A comprehensive employee training and development plan that’s continuously developed, revised and adapted for new conditions, markets and challenges, is a sine qua non for a competitive business.

Develop a culture of teaching and learning:

One of the greatest ways to study is to learn from peers and managers. The kind of culture where managers want to develop their team members and are valued for that effort, and where all employees are encouraged to learn new skills and share them, is not easy to create. And, as with all other corporate initiatives, the company internet is a great tool to promote this culture and elicit the desired behaviors.

Innovation in strategies and products:

Innovation brings changes and this result into organizational success. Continuous training brings new innovative ideas about product and new strategies. And these ideas can be taken from lower to higher management so training boost mind set in order to achieve new targets.

Lastest Technology

A mere 15 years ago only some people have mobile phones Nowadays pretty much everybody has one. What almost everybody also has is a mobile with internet plan — which, combined with a laptop, gives them the ability to work, and communicate with other employees, from anyplace, at anytime. A continuous training program should, and will, ensure that your employees are always up to date with the latest technological developments — not just with the skills it takes to do their job well now, but also with the skills it will take to do their job well tomorrow.

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